Terms & Conditions


Thank you for your support of the Cleveland Monsters and your enrollment into the MHC Membership Club. Your Membership includes your Cleveland Monsters season tickets. The terms and conditions below are designed to help maximize the value of your experience at Quicken Loans Arena as well as your fellow MHC Members. By agreeing to purchase a MHC Membership, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I understand my Monsters tickets (also referred to as “Rights”) will be delivered via Flash Seats.  The Flash Seats Terms and Conditions are incorporated by reference and made a part of this Agreement, and specifically include, but are not limited to, the following:

You are prohibited from selling or offering for sale your Right(s) through another publicly available marketplace, whether or not electronic or accessible through the Internet.  Any use of the Flash Seats  website to facilitate the sale of Right(s) through another publicly available marketplace may result in any or all of the following: (i) cancellation of the transfer or sale transaction conducted on our website; (ii) a charge of our sales fee (defined below), calculated with respect to the full sales price of such Right(s) sold or transferred, assessed against the seller/transferor of such Right(s) (such sales fee will be charged to the credit card on file for the seller/transferor twenty-four (24) hours after we provide notice of the assessment of such charge to such person via email); (iii) revocation of the seller/transferor’s rights to use our website and any or all of our other services; and (iv) revocation of such sold or transferred Right(s) by the event/venue.  You may access the Flash Seats Terms and Conditions at http://www.flashseats.com/TermsAndCondition.aspx?ss=0.

Rights Reserved.  These Standard Terms and Conditions, collectively with the above Flash Seats Terms and Conditions and Recurring Payment Authorization, shall constitute your Membership Agreement (“Agreement”).  The Cleveland Monsters may, in its sole discretion, upon written notice to you, amend, update, or modify policies, prices, procedures, and/or other terms or conditions relative to your Membership, including the Agreement.  Such notice may be delivered to you by email, first class mail, or posted on www.clevelandmonsters.com.

Account Ownership.  Membership accounts and/or account numbers are not transferable from one person or entity to another.  The owner name under which an account has been purchased may not be changed or assigned, with the following exceptions: Legal name change, change in marital status, change in business name, dissolution of business, sale of business, or death of account holder.  All requests for account information changes must be submitted in writing.

Your Membership is a Revocable License.  Memberships include season tickets, which are owned by the Cleveland Monsters.  Your Membership (and each included ticket therefor) is a revocable license issued by the Cleveland Monsters to the individual or corporate entity name that appears on the account of record.  The Cleveland Monsters may, at any time and in its sole discretion, upon written notification to you, terminate your Membership, and, in the event the Cleveland Monsters do so terminate this Agreement for any reason other than your breach, the Cleveland Monsters will refund any pro rata portion of your Membership dues as of the date of such termination.  Breach of any of the terms on page 1 or page 2 of this Agreement (or in the case of Flash Seats’ delivery, the seat locator), shall entitle the Cleveland Monsters to all available legal remedies, including but not limited to revocation or cancellation of your Membership, with no further compensation or refund.  Upon such cancellation or revocation by the Cleveland Monsters resulting from your breach, you shall forfeit any rights to purchase playoff tickets.

All Sales are Final.  No Refunds or Exchanges.   Payments must be timely made on or before the agreed upon payment plan dates.  Delivery of tickets shall be made by the October prior to the applicable season, but only if the Cleveland Monsters have first received full payment of your annual Membership dues or if your account is otherwise current on all payments.  If you are on an installment plan, in the event you fail to timely make any required payments, the Cleveland Monsters may (a) withhold your tickets for upcoming events until the necessary payments are made and your account is in good standing, and/or (b) terminate your Membership, with any payments made prior to the termination date forfeited by you. 

Playoffs.  Playoffs are at an additional cost above and beyond your annual Membership dues.  Full (38-Game) Members automatically retain their seats for all home playoff games, Half (21-Game) Members automatically retain their seats for every other home playoff game, and both Full and Half Members in good standing will be charged for playoff tickets after the completion of each round, with the same payment method elected for Membership dues, and only for the games that are actually played.  Upon receipt of playoff ticket pricing information, you may, upon written notice to the Cleveland Monsters, elect to decline playoff tickets by the stated deadline date, incur no charges, and no change to your Membership status.  12-Game Members are not guaranteed playoff tickets and will be provided with presale priority based on availability.   Notification of playoff pricing will be sent to you prior to the end of the regular season.  Members who opt-out or elect to not re-enroll their Membership prior to the playoffs for such Membership Year will receive a one-time right of first refusal to purchase their seats, but will not receive Member pricing, and must pay for all potential playoff games.

Restrictions.  You agree not to transmit, distribute, or sell (or aid in transmitting, distributing or selling), in any media any description, account, picture, video, audio or other form of reproduction of any Cleveland Monsters game or any surrounding activities for which your ticket is issued.   Your ticket(s) may not be used for any form of commercial or trade purposes, including, but not limited to, the sale of all or substantially all of your season tickets (including via Flash Seats) for non-personal, business use (whether or not for profit), advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes, without the express written consent of the Cleveland Monsters and the American Hockey League (“AHL”).

Assumption of Risk/Release of Liability.  You or the holder of the ticket to any game or event voluntarily assume all risk and danger of personal injury (including death) and all hazards arising from, or related in any way to, the game (including, but not limited to, injuries caused by players, fans, pucks or other objects) whether occurring prior to, during or after the game, however caused and whether by negligence or otherwise.   You and your guests agree that the Cleveland Monsters, AHL, their respective affiliates, and their respective employees, agents or owners are not liable for any injuries from such causes.

Fan Behavior.  Any ticket holder who behaves in an unruly or disruptive manner, including, but not limited to, foul language, intoxication, physical or verbal abuse of other fans, Arena employees, game officials, players or coaches during, before or after a game may be asked to leave Quicken Loans Arena.  You are responsible for such behavior by anyone using your Membership tickets.  In the event of such behavior, the Cleveland Monsters may, in accordance with AHL policy, terminate your Membership without refund or other compensation.

Use of Image.  You (or the user of your ticket for any particular game) hereby grant permission to the Cleveland Monsters and AHL (and its designees and agents) to utilize your image, likeness, actions, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication, or reproduction made of or at the game in any medium or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation.


I understand and agree that by signing this form I authorize Cavaliers Hockey Holdings, LLC (the “Cleveland Monsters”) to charge my credit/debit card (or withdraw from my bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer, if so selected by me) for my annual Monsters Hockey Club Membership (my “Membership”) dues (that includes season tickets) and hereby agree to the terms and conditions herein.  I understand and agree that I will be charged for my initial payment today (or the next business day), and subsequent charges will be made to my authorized card/account on the 15th of each month (or next business day thereafter if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday) thereafter until my annual Membership dues are paid in full in accordance with my chosen payment plan.  I acknowledge and agree that my Membership will automatically renew for the period of January 1st through December 31st of each successive year (each, a “Membership Year”), unless I provide written notice of cancellation to the Cleveland Monsters on or before December 15th of the immediately preceding Membership Year.  I understand and agree that I may cancel my Membership at any time so long as I provide the Cleveland Monsters with thirty (30) days prior written notice of my election to do so via (a) U.S. mail, certified return receipt requested, (b) in-person at Quicken Loans Arena, or (c) completion of the cancellation form at www.clevelandmonsters.com/mhc/membership-cancellation.  Upon any such cancellation, I will no longer be obligated to make any future payments, but shall not be entitled to any refund for payments made prior to such cancellation.  Remaining funds on my account may be applied toward the purchase of tickets to mutually agreed upon Cleveland Monsters games at Quicken Loans Arena within the then-current Membership Year, subject to availability, and any unused funds beyond such Membership Year are non-refundable.  For all Membership payments, the foregoing payment authorization shall remain in effect for so long as my Membership remains in effect.  I hereby warrant that I have the authority to authorize charges to the card/account listed herein for the purpose of paying my annual Membership dues.  I understand and agree that the Cleveland Monsters are not liable in any way for erroneous billing statements or incorrect charges and that should such an error occur, the Cleveland Monsters’ only responsibility is to correct it when and if the Cleveland Monsters receive notice of such error and there will be no refunds of any kind for such charges.  I understand and agree that the Cleveland Monsters may, at any time and in its sole discretion, upon written notification to me, modify my payment plan option for future seasons and/or terminate my Membership.  I understand and agree that the Cleveland Monsters may restrict my entry to games or Monsters Hockey Club Member events and/or revoke my Membership privileges if scheduled payments are not timely paid and/or if any authorized charge is refused by my credit card company or banking institution for any reason.  I agree that if any credit card/debit account number(s) listed on this form changes, I will promptly notify the Cleveland Monsters and this authorization form will remain in effect for the new account number(s).  Under all payment plans, all payments are due on the dates specified, regardless of game cancellations or rescheduling.  Refunds or exchanges for cancelled and rescheduled games will be handled under the Cleveland Monsters’ standard ticket policies/terms and conditions.  Failure to continue scheduled payments in the event of cancelled or rescheduled games may subject to your Membership cancellation.  The Cleveland Monsters may charge a processing fee in the event a charge is refused for any reason.