Matt Kalister

Vice President of Sales and Service

Matt is entering his 13th season in the industry and 9th with the Monsters. Matt is originally from Amherst, OH and married his best friend, Chelsea this offseason!

Kim Palsa

Director of Membership Development and Benefits

Kim is entering her 9th season with the Monsters and spent the summer with her family, traveling to North Carolina and Colorado.  Kim is enjoying motherhood and can’t believe her little one is 9 months old already!

Celena Zevnik

Manager of Client Events and Member Benefits

Celena is entering her 12th season with the Monsters. Over the summer she spent 2 weeks in Europe exploring Spain, France, and Italy. Once back in the States, she was excited to get back to her fur babies.

Ryan Caler

Sr. Manager of Membership Development 

Ryan is entering his 9th season with the Monsters. Ryan and his wife Laura spent the summer traveling with family to North Carolina, Chicago, and Ocean City, Maryland.  On Monday nights, Ryan ‘enjoys’ watching Bachelor in Paradise with his wife. 

Steve McClave

Sr. Membership Development Specialist 

Steve is heading into his 3rd season with the Monsters and 7th with the organization. He bought his first house this summer and adopted a pup named Bernie. Steve and his girlfriend spent a lot of time exploring the Metro Parks this summer. 

Carlie Kapres

Membership Develop Specialist 

Carlie joined the organization last summer and is excited to be heading into her second season with the Monsters. While Carlie loves living in downtown Cleveland, she will always be a Pittsburgher at heart!

Dan O'Leary

Membership Development Specialist 

Dan joined the organization last summer, but he is from the opposite side of Ohio, Chicagoland! Dan spends most of his time outside of the office playing hockey and hanging out with his pup! 

Jessica Fisher

Sr. Manager of Group Sales

Jessica is entering her 6th season with the Monsters. Her and her husband bought their first house this summer and adopted their fur baby Skye. 

Joe Kummerl

Group Sales Representative

Joe joined the organization 5 seasons ago starting with QTV and found his way to the Monsters sales office. He recently bought a house and spends most of his time outside of the office playing hockey.

Mike DeAngelo

Manager, Business Development Specialist

Mike is heading into his 3rd season with the Monsters and spent the summer attending concerts and playing the drums! Fun Fact: Mike spent most of the year attending the 7 weddings he was invited to.

Malyn Collins

Business Development Specialist

Malyn is entering her 2nd season with the Monsters and originally from Lancaster, OH. Malyn spent the summer with her nephews during her free time and you can find her making the trip back to CLE early Monday mornings to make it back to work on time.