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Distancing Dialogues Episode Five

May 22, 2020

The fifth edition of Distancing Dialogues presented by Musselman’s is back hosted by Monsters broadcaster Tony Brown to provide updates from members of the Monsters family during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Forward Derek Barach joins Tony to discuss setting up a new routine at home, share his perspective on the challenges of an eventual return to the ice for NHL players and who on the team he could see as Joe Exotic from Tiger King.


Highlights Include:

  • How he has been staying active
  • What is currently playing on Netflix
  • Thoughts on his first full professional season in Cleveland
  • Using this time off as a best-case scenario to let his body recover
  • Keeping in touch with teammates including workouts with Justin Scott
  • How he is faring on the golf course
  • His message to the Monsters fans
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