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Cleveland Monsters Statement

Cleveland Monsters Statement

Jun 5, 2020

Monsters Organizational Statement:

As we have listened and reflected over the past several days, we want to continue providing clarity on our feelings in the area of racial injustice.

The Monsters are a proud part of the fabric of Northeast Ohio, our regional hockey community and the Cavaliers organization (Cavs, Monsters, Charge, Legion and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse).

Our organization has a unified approach and addressed this candidly and deeply with our previous statement (below), but we want to be extra clear about this from a Monsters perspective as well.

We are active, working partners in this area and will be agents of change in our community. We are committed to action and making a difference to help put an end to racial injustice, inequality and tragic, senseless acts of violence towards individuals in the African American community.


Cavaliers Organizational Statement:

“The death of George Floyd is heartbreaking, appalling and tragic. Our collective humanity suffers greatly in the midst of senseless acts like this. Not just now, but always. Unfortunately, there are many other examples and the impact continues to resonate and reverberate far beyond the place and time each specifically occurs. These situations touch and reduce ALL of us.

We believe All for One really does mean ALL. Thus, ALL of us, both individually and as organizations and communities, have a responsibility to speak up and try to influence and help end horrible situations and outcomes like this. Let’s all respond with a sense of urgency and deeper determination to make life better and work towards a world where everyone feels safe.”

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