Getting To Know...Brian Fahey

Please describe how it feels to play in front of great fans or what loud fans can mean to a game: A great crowd can create momentum that will help a team to keep pushing to finish off a win or to come from behind. A great crowd can be a huge boost to morale.

Favorite way to relax on a non-game day: Watch football and cook a good dinner

Can you describe a "fan-friendly" pre-game ritual you like to go through to prepare for a game? I eat pasta for a pre-game meal followed by a nap. I ride the bike and stretch right before I put my gear on.

Personal hockey highlight, so far (on or off the ice): Calder Cup Championship - Chicago Wolves 2008

Favorite hockey team and player while growing up:
Chicago Blackhawks, Chris Chelios

Celebrity or top athlete you'd most like to meet? Tiger Woods or Peyton Manning 

Nickname as child or currently: Fays

Best sport you play, other than hockey: Golf, Baseball

If you could instantly be an expert in a winter Olympic sport (other than hockey) which would you choose, and why?
Downhill Skiing, I think it looks like a lot of fun

Other than a hockey player, what job would you be most interested in having? Pro golfer

Favorite "junk" food: Pizza - Chicago Style Deep Dish

Favorite or best subject in high school: History

What was the name of your first organized hockey team? Glenview Stars

Other than hockey what is the best part of winter?

What is a difference between Canadians and Americans? 
How we dress, Americans dress much better

Age you started playing hockey? 4

If you had only $10 to spend at a grocery store, what are you getting? Bread, peanut butter and jelly, and milk

Favorite "80's" band or song? Journey - Don't Stop Believing

When you hear the word "Ohio", what do you think of? Buckeye football

Movie you've seen over "100" times: Godfather