Getting to Know...David Marshall

Please describe how it feels to play in front of great fans or what loud fans can mean to a game: Makes you feel and know it's an honor to play such a great sport

Favorite way to relax on a non-game day: Golf, television, surfing the Internet

Can you describe a "fan-friendly" pre-game ritual you like to go through to prepare for a game? Music, relax, and soccer

Personal hockey highlight, so far (on or off the ice): Just the fact that I'm still playing

Favorite hockey team and player while growing up:
Colorado Avalanche, Joe Sakic

Celebrity or top athlete you'd most like to meet? Lance Armstrong

Nickname as a child or currently: Marsh

Best sport you play, other than hockey: Bowling

If you could instantly be an expert in a winter Olympic sport (other than hockey) which would you choose, and why?
Bobsledding, it looks intense and fun

Other than a hockey player, what job would you be most interested in having? Something in business or with kids

State a "useless" trivia fact that you know: Actual number of lakes in Minnesota: 11,842 

Favorite or best subject in high school: History

What was the name of your first organized hockey team? Naperville Sabres

Other than hockey what is the best part of winter?

Do you have a tattoo? How many? What are they? Yes, I have one. It's a cross with each family member in each part of the cross breaking through our family shield.

Age you started playing hockey? 3

If you had only $10 to spend at a grocery store, what are you getting? Fruit

Favorite "80's" band or song? Van Halen

When you hear the word "Ohio," what do you think of? Cleveland Cavaliers
Who is the funniest TV character? Peter Griffin