Getting To Know...Justin Mercier

Please describe how it feels to play in front of great fans or what loud fans can mean to a game: Great fans increase the intensity on the ice, players feed off of the support and it changes the momentum of the game

Favorite way to relax on a non-game day: Golfing and/or sitting on the couch

Can you describe a "fan-friendly" pre-game ritual you like to go through to prepare for a game? I usually just do everything in the same order; tape sticks, play soccer, stretch, play soccer again, and then get dressed

Personal hockey highlight, so far (on or off the ice): Scoring in OT of the NCAA tourney

Favorite hockey team and player while growing up:
Pittsburgh Penguins, Mario Lemieux

Celebrity or top athlete you'd most like to meet? Lance Armstrong

Nickname as child or currently: Merc

Best sport you play, other than hockey: Golf

If you could instantly be an expert in a winter Olympic sport (other than hockey) which would you choose, and why?
Long Jump (on skis, flying through the air)

Other than a hockey player, what job would you be most interested in having? Investment Banker

State a "useless" trivia fact that you know: The War of 1812 lasted until 1816 

Favorite or best subject in high school: Math

What was the name of your first organized hockey team? Erie Lions

Other than hockey what is the best part of winter?

What is a difference between Canadians and Americans? "eh"

Age you started playing hockey? 3

If you had only $10 to spend at a grocery store, what are you getting? Fruit snacks

Favorite "80's" band or song? Journey

When you hear the word "Ohio," what do you think of? That stupid song, "O-H-I-O"
Who is the funniest TV character? Charlie Sheen "Two and a Half Men"