Q&A: Brett Gallant, Monsters Veteran & Calder Cup Champ


Cleveland Monsters: You are currently in your fourth season with the team. What do you and your family think of Cleveland and have you enjoyed your time here?

Brett Gallant: Living in Cleveland these past four years has been unbelievable for us as a family and I couldn't be more grateful. I have two kids that go to school here and they really enjoy it. My son plays youth hockey in Rocky River as well and it is a great organization.

CM: What has been your favorite moment or memory during your time here with the Monsters?

BG: Winning the Calder Cup in Cleveland was very special. The support we get from the fans is amazing and the night that we won it all in front of almost 20,000 people is something that I will never forget.

CM: You just recently played in your 400th professional game. What are some thoughts/feelings that come to mind when you think about hitting that milestone in your career?

BG: It’s a humbling moment for me. I feel lucky and fortunate to have been able to play in 400 games throughout my career and I’ve also been fortunate to work with some great coaches and teammates along the way.

CM: You’ve had a high number of one-on-one battles on the ice throughout your Monsters career. Are there any combatants or fights that stick out to you over the last four seasons?

BG: I respect everyone I've battled over the years. Obviously there have been some memorable bouts but I can’t really say who has been the toughest because I know what it takes to do what we do on the ice and I respect all the guys that do it just the same.

CM: The Chicago Wolves are in town this week where your younger brother Alex currently plays. What is that like and do you stay in touch often during the season?

BG: Absolutely, I follow along all year to see how he is doing. We are very close and stay in touch through the season. I’m very proud of how hard he has worked to get to this level, there aren't many guys that have taken the path that he has in pro hockey to earn an NHL contract. I haven’t had the chance to play against him yet, but I did get to play against my older brother, Brad, in junior league. He's a very tough player as well and if you ask him he’ll say he has more skill than both Alex and I put together (laughs). I’m proud of him as well. He went on to play hockey at St. Thomas University in Minnesota before earning his degree.

CM: Enlighten the folks a bit about your home province of Prince Edward Island in Canada. What is it like there?

BG: I love P.E.I. It will always be home for me and my family. I live in Summerside and even though it’s a little small, the people there are the best. The way the community celebrates the good times and comes together through tough times is something I’ll always love about P.E.I.

CM: Any plans for the All-Star break?

BG: Coincidentally, my brother Alex and both of our families are making the trip to P.E.I. for the All-Star break. We’ll enjoy the time off for sure and we look forward to seeing everyone back home.