Q&A: Ken McKenzie Award Winner, Pam Frasco


Earlier this summer the AHL named the Monsters' VP of Marketing and Communications, Pam Frasco, this year's Ken McKenzie Award recipient. We sat down with her for a quick Q&A on the award, her 11 years spent with the team and what she looks forward to this year.


Q&A with Monsters VP of Marketing and Communications, Pam Frasco

Cleveland Monsters: What was it like to be named the AHL’s Ken McKenzie Award winner?

Pam Frasco: I have been extremely lucky to have had such wonderful teammates over the last several years and am grateful to them for our successes, as I know this award really represents all of our hard work together. I am honored and grateful to the AHL to join the wonderful list of executives that have received this award before me.

CM: It’s easy for people to underestimate how much work goes into marketing and promoting a sports franchise. What makes the Monsters so successful in that regard?

PF: We have worked hard over the last decade to develop an internal culture that leads with its people. We know that our team members breathe life into our brand and are proud to be a part of our team - their passion is reflected in everything you see with the Monsters. Many people think that when the season ends, so does our work. But it actually just gets started. We spend several weeks reviewing the past season, brainstorming and creating plans for the upcoming year. We work tirelessly to create new ideas to engage fans and create experiences and allow people to walk in our building and make memories with their family and friends.

CM: In your tenure with the Monsters organization, what are some community events or initiatives that you are most proud of?

PF: I am incredibly proud of many things over the last decade. The development and launch of our Grow the Game youth hockey initiative sticks out for me right now. We have worked really hard over the last two summers to create a program that we know can help impact kids right here in Northeast Ohio by getting sticks in hands. I am also proud of our championship run, our promotion of it, as well as the Championship Plaza Party. I think we really did a wonderful job making each and every moment through that experience an awesome memory for fans.

CM: What are some of your favorite promotional nights over the years?

PF: There are so many! I have so many favorites. Nights like Monsters Olympic Tribute with Jim Craig, Shaq Bobblehead Night, Pucks and Paws (all of them!), Cleveland Rocks (all of them!), Monsters Make-a-Wish Night, Star Wars Nights, Marvel Night and The Purple Game. For those that have been around long enough to remember, I also loved Vase Veekend. If you don’t know what that is, when you see me ask and I will tell you. It was a doozy!

CM: Without revealing too much, what can fans expect from the Monsters' promotional schedule this season?

PF: We have a great lineup with some new “weekly” themes. There is something for everyone this year. We will be honoring a special anniversary, recognizing some rad superheroes and bringing back a few fan favorites. It’s going to be a great season!