Somerby Makes an Impact off the Ice


For some players, an impact is felt in the game and on the ice.

For others, their impact goes far beyond that. 

Monsters defenseman Doyle Somerby recently showed how hockey fights cancer by participating in the American Cancer Society’s ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ campaign during October. Somerby joined community leaders from around the country to raise awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer, independently raising a total of $11,636 and finishing second in Cleveland’s city-wide campaign.

Altogether, Cleveland’s ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ participants raised a combined total of $126,721 with all funds going directly to the American Cancer Society. Specifically through early detection and prevention, cancer research, and patient support, the organization strives to save lives and help those affected by breast cancer.

“It’s an amazing cause and I had a lot of fun doing it,” said Somerby.

“I did not anticipate raising as much money as I did, but as the month wore on I was getting more and more messages with suggestions of certain pink ideas or just a quick thank you with a note about a family member battling cancer. Those messages and stories really meant a lot to me.”

Somerby first heard of the campaign from his girlfriend and a mutual friend employed by the American Cancer Society office in Chicago, Ill. Upon hearing of Cleveland’s participation in the campaign, Somerby began to get involved. 

“My great grandmother passed away from breast cancer and my girlfriend’s mom beat (breast cancer). After talking with them and hearing their stories, I realized how much it would mean for me to be part of this (campaign).”

Somerby wore pink attire daily throughout October and consistently posted on social media platforms, raising awareness for the ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ campaign. Friends, family, teammates and fans joined the conversation, commenting on his pages with support and new ideas. Some suggestions included unique clothing items and involving teammates, with Somerby even painting his nails pink at one point.

“I was excited to help any way I could while having fun wearing pink every day for a great cause,” said Somerby.

Somerby enjoyed devising creative ways to raise funds, while gathering the support of his former Boston University teammates, many fans and plenty of current teammates around Cleveland. The campaign reached its peak when Somerby held a fundraising contest, giving away a team-autographed pink hockey stick to the winner.

The Monsters Community Fund lent a helping hand and in the end, Somerby finished second among all Cleveland ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ fundraisers.

“It’s humbling,” explained Somerby. “I am just now realizing how many people have reached out and donated. Whether it was $5 or $200, I cannot thank everyone enough for pitching in and following along with my ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ campaign. I’m lucky to be connected to a lot of special people and an organization like the Cleveland Monsters.” 

Somerby plans to continue the conversation and has a message for anyone battling cancer.

“Everyone is here for you. Keep fighting.”