Tony's Take: Week 7



While the handful of offseason months can often feel like years (or decades…), for those of us that ply our trade in the sports industry, they also bring with them an opportunity to reflect on the work we do and, occasionally, revel in the world-class environment in which we operate.

Here in Cleveland, we’re more than lucky not just for our surroundings and the resources available to each of us, but also for those with whom we collaborate each and every day. This season, a few of those outstanding team members received major, well-earned honors and I think it’s high time we take note.


Earlier this summer at the AHL League Meetings in Des Moines, IA (one of the most underrated cities in America I’ll have you know), Monsters’ VP of Marketing and Communications, Pam Frasco, was honored as the winner of the 2018 Ken McKenzie Award for her stalwart promotion of the Monsters. An original staffer since the Monsters’ inaugural season in 2007, Pam is vital to every part of our business and makes seamless the efforts of many portions of the Monsters’ staff, covering Community Relations, Marketing, Public Relations, Digital efforts, among many, many other areas of responsibility. It was a thrill to hear the news of her recognition, and as someone who was in the Monsters’ offices that day, I can tell you there were big smiles all around at the thought of such a truly deserving individual claiming the honors (and at the thought of Pam’s embarrassment in accepting the award)!


In another moment of genuinely deserving recognition, the Monsters’ and Cavs’ award-winning QTV in-house video production team added to their trophy case with a Golden Matrix Award from the 36th Annual Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA) Golden Matrix Awards held in mid-July in Indianapolis. What distinct honor did QTV claim? How about “Best Overall Video Display” in ALL of minor-league sports?!!?! Just another reminder that when you settle into your seat on a Monsters game night at The Q and gaze upward at the Humgotron as the lights go down, you’re about to be entertained by LITERALLY the best in the business.

As someone that works with QTV constantly throughout the calendar year, I can tell you that there is no more dedicated, creative, capable, and professional group of devoted folks and the ultra-high-quality product they churn out every day is second to none. Cheers to the whole QTV and game presentation crew for not only helping the fans get the most out of their experience at The Q, but helping to push all of us staffers to meet them at their level of outstanding performance each and every night.


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